A perfect blend of haute cuisine and natural seasonal ingredients obtained from local producers, making our dishes sustainable and healthy creations.
It offers an innovative cuisine and proposes a return to the origins to delight the palate, using fresh products in the recipes. We strive to ensure the quality of the raw material, which is produced organically and offers all the richness of its flavor. Sitting at the table will become a visual feast. The diner will be able to see how the different dishes are prepared because the dining area and kitchen have been designed as single space separated only by glass. Eating will be a pleasure for all the senses. Choose one of our reserved areas or enjoy of the dishes outdoors on our terrace overlooking the forest.
Enjoy a healthy organic breakfast. We offer a wide variety of vegetable milks, natural juices, breads, biscuits suitable for vegans and oils with organic certification. Breakfast can be enjoyed on the large restaurant terrace.
At any time of the day you can enjoy a healthy high-quality cuisine in a space that offers design, style and relaxation. The cafeteria has a terrace overlooking the Miramon forest where you can eat, have a coffee or enjoy a cocktail.